Airport Pickup




If Atlanta is your first point of entry into the United States…

You will arrive at the Atlanta Airport international terminal building. You will go through passport control, pick up your check-in bags, and go through customs. Once you exit the customs/security zone, you will see people greeting the arriving passengers. That is where you will meet the Georgia Tech volunteers.

If Atlanta is not your first point of entry into the United States…

(i.e., if you land in another US airport and then switch planes to come to Atlanta)

You will arrive at the Atlanta Airport domestic terminal building. The baggage claim area for Delta flight is in the Terminal South. Georgia Tech volunteers will meet you at the baggage carousel for your flight.


After members of your group are accounted for and have picked up their bags, Georgia Tech volunteers will lead you to the awaiting bus. Upon arrival at the Georgia Tech dorm building, you will be given a key card to the building, a key to your dorm room, and internet account login. You can then settle in and rest.



Checked-bag limits are strictly enforced – weigh your bags before you leave. For your departure flight from Atlanta, scales are available at the Atlanta airport check-in area.

Terminal Maps
Security Check

Restrictions on liquids and containers:

Don’t keep perfume and cosmetic gift items (cream, lotion etc) in your carry-on bag. They WILL be confiscated by the airport security. Pack them in the check-in luggage, and keep the luggage closed but not locked.

Prohibited Items